Moses and Moon
Everyone needs a beginning

There is now a short story showing how
Moses and Moon crossed paths.
There are currently 35 short stories
being written/illustrated as well as
random comics updated often, no longer daily.

Local Squirrel causing a
stir, and a few scares

Moon has undergone a fierce workout.
With only one week in the training, you
can already see his improvements!
1 Week Later
1st Day of training
Local officials say, "We've never seen anything like this,
we just hope he's on our side."

A jogger stated, "I was shocked, this squirrel was fast, it
was unlike anything I have ever seen."

Local airports are concerned the speed of the squirrel
may influence jet streams, or worse gravity shifts which
could lead to irregular tides.

The squirrel apparently gave an automaker hope; the
hope was unknown,
they just stated they were hopeful.

Several people have misidentified the squirrel as a URO
(Unidentified Running Object) and a baby sasquatch.